Dr Penny Fogg, Doctor of Educational and Child Psychology (DEdCPsy), School of Education

The territory of practice and research The ideas and beliefs people hold about what is ‘good’ for children and ‘good’ for society are to some extent determined by the social and cultural values dominant at any particular time. Contemporary Educational and Child Psychology is rooted in a commitment to ‘state welfare’- a political and social consensus which acknowledges that many children and young people do not fit easily into the systems of education and care provided for them. Accordingly, it is expected that the educational and care…

by Education, Culture and Childhood BA student, Nicole Bradford

When thinking about university, it is no secret that the phrases ‘university experience’ and ‘student accommodation’ are thrown into every sentence, with an excited buzz around the idea of starting a new life in a new city. Whilst this is the reality for many university students and something referred to by some as the best time of their lives, there is no shame in deviating from tradition and doing university your way.

I remember sitting in the communal space at my sixth form, waiting for our session on universities to start…

by Molly Wilson, Education, Culture and Childhood BA student

Deciding whether a course is well-suited to you can seem extremely complex and daunting, but fear not! Here are some of our favourite aspects about the Education, Culture and Childhood BA that we would hate for you to miss. Along with some top things we recommend that you consider when choosing your BA course.

Your future self It may seem obvious, but it’s a very important consideration. Does the aspects that this course covers have the potential to benefit your future self and career? If you aren’t completely sure what you…

by PhD student, Josiah Lenton

My earliest involvement with CRESST (Conflict Resolution Education in Sheffield Schools Training) was during my own time in primary school, some 15+ years ago, when I was among the first of many pupils to participate in their peer mediation training. In many ways, then, beginning my PhD in collaboration with the charity has felt like more of a “return” than a completely new association. In this blog post, I wanted to briefly discuss CRESST’s ongoing work with children and young people, and to introduce my own doctoral research.

CRESST is a Sheffield charity that works…

by Megan Ball, Education, Culture and Childhood BA 1st year student

Keeping on top of your Reading!

In this course a lot of your modules will require you to do pre-session reading. At first it can look a little bit daunting to begin with — and I will bet the everyone on this course will feel this way! The way to deal with your reading will partly depend on how you work, but here is some key advice:

Work out when in the day you work most effectively (for me it is either late morning/early afternoon or when it is…

Friday 19th March is World Sleep Day and this year the theme is ‘Regular Sleep: Healthy Future’ . Today also sees the launch of the The British Sleep Society’s strategic plan with an overarching ambition to support and promote ‘Healthy Sleep for All’

The aim of both is to raise awareness about the importance of sleep for achieving an optimal quality of life.

Sleep is as important for health as eating well and getting plenty of exercise — yet it is often ignored when thinking about health.

Concentration and the ability to learn can be negatively affected by lack of…

Dr Becky Parry

As schools prepare for the next stage of the pandemic, play should be centre-stage of the curriculum for literacy learning. Children’s need for play in the current pandemic can be mapped in their imaginary farms, dens and worlds of Minecraft and dance routines on TikTok. Although this play is enjoyable, as twelve year old Tilly Jackson from West Yorkshire shares below, what happens in Minecraft is far from trivial:

Me and my friend had a survival world in lockdown, and we spawned on a survival island, which has little to no food or supplies on. We had…

Simon Davies, PGDE Geography

The Geography PGDE has eclipsed all my expectations. Having contemplated a career in teaching for many years, I took the plunge in September 2020 and have not looked back. The course is led by Alison Grasmeder, who not only is a progressive lecturer in her own right, she has over 20 years of Geography classroom experience where she has held senior positions. The course is underpinned by Alison’s overwhelming thirst and desire to give trainee teachers the best possible education through a blend of University lectures and school experience.

by Nicole Bradford

When starting university, many people picture large lecture theatres with hundreds of students sandwiched in together, eager and waiting for the lecturer to begin with their notebooks and laptops at the ready to take notes. My parents and I spent open day after open day in overwhelmingly large lecture theatres, not daring to move too much in fear of invading the space of the strangers next to us. Whilst this is the dream university experience for some and the set up for many universities and many courses, Education, Culture and Childhood often looks a little different with…

The University and its Boundaries: Thriving or Surviving in the 21st Century

By Eliel Cohen

I am very pleased to contribute a post to Education Matters. Rather than just summarise the book, as I have done briefly on my Twitter page and in a lengthier forthcoming blog post via the Philosophy and Theory of Higher Education Society, I want to briefly reflect on my decision to develop my thesis into a ‘short form’ book (~40,000 words).

The idea for a ‘short form’ book came from my external examiner at the end of my viva. I was intrigued, but unconvinced. Short form books aim to be generally readable and often less dense and…

Education Matters

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